11 Şubat 2010 Perşembe

Your Google Account: Signing up

Google Account. Once you have a Google Account, just go to the Google Docs homepage and sign in.

The Google Account acts as a secure authentication method to keep your online accounts private while also allowing you to access numerous Google services with a single sign-in. Note that while it's possible to view a document, spreadsheet or presentation without a Google Account (via an invitation), you'll need to create a Google Account to edit the document, spreadsheet or presentation, and to continue accessing Google Docs.

While a Gmail Account is a Google Account, a Google Account is not necessarily a Gmail account.

Google Apps users, your administrator provisions accounts for your domain. In this case, you will access Google Docs using your Google Apps account at 'http://docs.google.com/a/yourdomain.com', please be sure to replace 'yourdomain.com' with your domain name.

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