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Your Google Account: Changing your language setting

If Google Docs is appearing in a language you don't understand or don't want to use, you can change the language by following these steps:

1.On your Docs homepage, click the Settings link.
2.On the Settings page, click the drop-down menu beside Language.
3.Select the language you want to use.
4.Click Save.
5.To go back to your document, click the link called Back to Google Docs.
Note: You may need to enable cookies to ensure that your language selection doesn't change. You can enable cookies by following these browser-specific instructions:

In Internet Explorer:

1.Go to Tools > Internet Options.
2.Click the Privacy tab in the Internet Options window.
3.Click the Advanced button.
4.Select the checkbox beside 'Override automatic cookie handling.'
5.Choose which cookies you want to accept, or select the checkbox beside 'Always allow session cookies.'
6.Click OK.
7.Click OK again to close the Internet Options window.
In Mozilla Firefox:

1.Go to Tools > Options.
2.Click Privacy at the top of the Options window.
3.In the Cookies section, make sure the checkbox is selected beside 'Accept cookies from sites.' If there's no checkmark, you'll need to select the box.
4.Click OK.
In Safari:

1.Go to Safari > Preferences.
2.Select Security at the top of the window.
3.Select the radio button beside 'Always' or 'Only to sites you navigate to.' Tip: Click the question mark for more information.
4.Close the Preferences window.

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