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How do I edit, pause, delete, or resume an ad?

You can edit, pause, delete, and resume ads at any time on the Ads tab of your Campaigns page.

Edit your ad and URLs
1.Sign in to your AdWords account at http://adwords.google.com.
2.Navigate to the Ads tab.
3.Click on the text of your ad (or the pencil icon next to the ad) to edit the headline, test, display URL, and destination URL right there. This is called inline editing.
4.Click Save. This will automatically submit your new ad for review.

Before editing your ads, review our ad policies and see these performance tips.
Be aware that editing an ad (such as changing text or uploading a new image) is the same as deleting the original ad and creating a new one. This means that after editing the ad, its statistics will be reset to zero. The same is true when you move an ad to another ad group.

Edit your ad status
Edit the status of a single ad:

1.Navigate to the Ads tab.
2.Click the status icon (such as the green dot or the pause symbol) right next to your ad.
3.In the drop-down menu that appears, select Enabled or Paused to change the status of your ad.
Edit the status of several ads at once:

1.Navigate to the Ads tab.
2.Select the checkboxes next to the ads you want to change.
3.At the top of the ads table, click the Change status drop-down menu and choose Pause, Enable, or Delete for the selected ads.
Also, the More actions drop-down offers several other options for your ads like "Copy & move" or "Export table" to download your ads to a file.

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