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How do I contact an AdWords representative?

If you have a problem or question about your Google AdWords account, here's how to get help:

Email us
You can contact our team via email for certain issues. Please start here -- our contact process will help you find a possible answer and provide tips along the way.

Chat with us
You might be able to get live chat help if chat is available in your location and if a specialist is currently available. When chat is an option for you, you'll see a yellow box called Chat with a specialist now at the side of this page. If you do not see the yellow box, please email us instead.

Find answers fast in the AdWords Help Center.
This help center is your first, best resource, with answers to all our most commonly asked questions.
Popular topics:
My Ads Aren't Showing | Billing & Payments | Ad Policies & Approval | Ad Rank

Get answers from other users.
Find help and advice from other AdWords advertisers and Google representatives through the AdWords Help Forum.

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