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Google AdSense Phone Verification

Google AdSense Phone VerificationPrint
Do I need to verify my phone number?

As part of our effort to protect the accounts of AdSense publishers and provide account-specific support, a valid phone number is required for publishers. To ensure that your information is accurate and up-to-date, we use telephone number verification.

Phone number verification is not required for publishers in all locations. If it is required for you, you'll see a prompt appear on your My Account tab, as described below.
How does phone verification work?

When you're ready to verify your number, visit your My Account tab and click the 'Please verify your phone number' link in the Required Action section. This link will bring you to a page where you'll be able to initiate a call by clicking a button. Our system will automatically call you at the number listed, and when you pick up the phone you'll receive a 5-digit code to enter into a box on the page.

Please note that phone numbers with extensions do not work with our phone verification system.

How long do I have to enter a verification code?

You'll have 6 months from the date that your earnings reached the verification threshold to enter your verification code. If you have not entered your verification code within 4 months, we will replace the paid advertisements on your site with unpaid Public Service Ads. If you still have not entered your verification code within 6 months, your account will be disabled and your unpaid earnings will be refunded to the appropriate advertisers.

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