18 Şubat 2010 Perşembe

27 DoFollow .EDU and .GOV Backlinks Resources

useful and relevant comments if you really want to keep that links.
  1. JiscDigitalMedia PR6
  2. Scri PR6 – Create an account.In your account you can add a link in your signature with an anchor text after that just go and reply to published posts.
  3. BuToday PR6 – DoFollow links only in comments so if you have related posts on your blog you can get a link by showing it and give your opinion if not, write an article related to that topic and get a quality permanent link. Don’t Spam, you’re wasting your own time!
  4. eLearning PR5 – You must create an account to be able to comment, add your link to profile.
  5. SheilaMacneill PR5
  6. KnightCenter PR5 – Really nice blog, keep it clean!
  7. UCSB PR5
  8. GamingPSU PR5 – Same steps as number #2.
  9. InvestPromo PR5 – Same steps as number #2.
  10. Boykin PR4
  11. Asimong PR4
  12. Pah1 PR4
  13. Humboldt PR4 – Same steps as number #2.
  14. WomenSpeak PR3
  15. DavisNY PR3
  16. MySole PR2
  17. Title3 PR2

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